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...In the case of conscious utterances we are in the fortunate position of being healthcare administration programs directly addressed and presented with a content whose purpose we can recognise; but with 'unconscious' manifestations there is no directed or adapted language in our sense of the word - there is merely a psychic phenomenon that would appear to have only the loosest connections with conscious bulk candles contents. If the expressions of the conscious mind are incomprehensible, we can always ask what they mean. But the objective psyche (unconscious) is something alien even to the conscious mind through which it expresses itself. We are therefore obliged to frozen movie adopt the method we would use in deciphering a fragmantary text or one containing unknown words; we examine the context. The meaning of the unknown word may become evident when we compare a series of passages in which it occurs. The psychological context of dream contents consists in the web of associations juegos in which the dream is naturally embedded...

The objective psyche is independent in the highest degree. Were it not so, it could not carry out its most characteristick function: the compensation of the conscious mind. The conscious mind allows itself to be trained like a parrot, but the unconscious does not. The unconscious is an autonomous psychic entity; any efforts happy wheels demo to drill it are only apparently successful, and moreover are harmful to consciousness. It is and remains beyond the reach of subjective arbitrary control, in a realm where nature and her secrets can be neither improved upon nor perverted, where we can listen but may not meddle...

C.G. Jung, Psychology and Alchemy



He particularly abhorred woodworkers who prized fancy design over sound buy abstract paintingsconstruction.

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